Budget Gaming CPU For 2018

As we know that not every gamer can’t afford an Intel Core i7 8th Generation or AMD Ryzen 1800X series processor. And most of us are on a tight budget while building a gaming PC and due to prices of CPU, we always try to consider budget gaming CPU. Hardcore gamers spend thousands of dollars on their PC and make them up to date with hardware to get the best ever gaming performance in games. While on the budget gamers use that hardware through which they got their targeted requirements and future-proof hardware components.

Best Budget Gaming CPU

The main problem for budget gamers is that they have to go through the different generation and several platforms. This confuses them and they are unable to decide a good gaming processor for their build under $100 to $150. After doing a lot of research I got some of the best processors through which you can enjoy gaming without fps drop. These entry-level CPUs can give you 40 to 60 frames per second in games with resolution up to 1080p so these are in my budget gaming CPU list.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X

If you are going to buy an FX 6300, I would like to recommend you this Ryzen processor which you can get for just more $40 than the price of 6300. It is a newly launched processor with four cores and four threads and gives better performance compared to Core i3. This processor has literally the same chip as of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processor. And at this price, you can also get an FX 8350 but as this chip is old and doesn’t have any upgrade options.

Reasons To Consider AMD Ryzen 3 1300X

The reason to consider Ryzen processors over FX series is that FX series processors don’t support DDR4 RAMs and they also don’t have high clock speed or cache memory. The cache memory of the Ryzen 1300X is 8MB and clock speed is 3.5GHz. But this processor is fully unlocked so you can take the clock speed to 3.9GHz. And this will provide you some extra frames per seconds in the latest games.

One of the most important things to consider this processor is that it has TDP of 65W which is very uncommon with the AMD processors as FX 9-series processors pull hundred of Watts. It is a good improvement by AMD in Ryzen series processors that you can play games and can do multitasking at cheap prices as of Intel processors. Overall this processor is the best budget gaming CPU for budget builds like $500 or $600 gaming PC and you can consider it over FX series processors.

Intel Pentium G4400

Intel Pentium G4400

If you are on very tight budget something about $250 to $300 this very entry level CPU is perfect for you. The cheapest CPU from the Skylake series is the Intel Pentium G4400 and it’s a dual core processor with 3.30GHz having 3MB of cache. If you got this CPU under $50-$70 this one is the perfect choice for your budget PC. If you can spend some extra few dollars you can go for its successor the Intel Pentium G5500.

Reasons To Consider Intel Pentium G4400

This entry level CPU can be fit into any LGA 1151 socket Intel motherboard and it’s a basic CPU but with it, you can play some latest triple-A titles. If you combine this CPU with a GTX 1050 or RX 560 you can max out some of the Esports games like CSGO, Overwatch and DoTA 2. These games don’t demand much performance as compared to triple-A titles and can be easily max-out on these entry-level CPUs.

The very important about this CPU is that don’t combine it with any high-end GPU like the GTX 1060 or RX 570 or RX 580 otherwise it will bottleneck and this CPU can’t handle games like Witcher 3 or other and your GPU performance will bottleneck. Overall this is best budget gaming CPU but if you can spend some extra dollars go for its successors.

Intel Pentium G5400

Intel Pentium G4560

There are currently three variants of this processor in the market this one is very first and is available under $100. Each of that processor costs different price depending upon their clock rates. Under $100 I think there is no other chip in the market that can beat this. So if you are looking for a CPU under $100 for your PC you might consider this one.

Reasons To Consider Intel Pentium G5400

Just like previous generation Core i3 processors, they have two cores and four threads.  And these processors can give you 20% additional performance as compared to previous generation Intel G series processors like G4400. These processors have a clock rate of 3.7GHz through which you can play games and do multitasking.

You can use these processors if you are going to build a $400 or $500 PC because of their performance and price but don’t equip these processors with low-end or mid-end graphics cards. Currently, the price of G5500 is about $82 while the price of G5600 is about $95.

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AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

If you are looking for an Intel Core i7 competitor at $180 this one is best for you. The Ryzen 5 1500X is the second entry in AMD Ryzen 5 series processors having a tough competition with Intel Core i5. This processor has 4 cores and 8 threads similar to Core i7 series processors. If you are on the budget and have $200 for CPU I would like to recommend you this processor over Intel Core i5 to build a future-proof PC.

Reasons To Consider AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

The Ryzen series processors are the latest launch from AMD and these processors are compatible with every latest hardware. It uses DDR4 rams which provides you better performance over the DDR3 rams. You can play the latest games on these processors and can use them for your rendering machines. I’m also using Ryzen 1700X for my PC and can say it confidently that these processors are worth your every single penny.

This processor has four cores and eight threads similar to Intel Core i7 processor that cost more than $300. It has 3.5GHz of clock speed and is fully overclockable through which you can take it up to 3.9Ghz or 4GHz. The TDP of Ryzen 5 1500X is about as same as of Ryzen 3 1300X. The cache memory of this processor is 16MB which is used in $1000 PCs. So if you are going to buy a $300 CPU I would like to recommend you this one because it is less expensive and has the same performance of a $300 CPU.

Intel Core i3 8100

Intel Core i3 8100

The latest generation processor from Intel which is the revolution of the new Coffee Lake series. As usual Intel Core i3 processors have two cores and four threads but now Intel has increased the core count of these processors. Now, these Core i3 processors have four cores and for threads as same of last generation Core i5 processors but these core i3 processors are less expensive.

Reasons To Consider Intel Core i3 8100

If you can’t afford a $200 CPU you can consider this $130 CPU with similar performance to Core i5 processor. It has the same cores and same threads as of Core i5 and is less expensive. So if you are going to build a gaming PC under $500 you can go for this processor and can combine a mid-end graphics card like ZOTAC GTX 1060 mini edition.

This processor has a clock speed of 3.6GHz and has 6MB of cache memory. Generally, the specification of this processor is fine but you have to get a z370 chipset motherboard which cost you more. But if you are going to get a previous generation i5 or i7 processor for your budget build this one is fine. Overall this processor can give you 60+ frames per second with resolution up to 1080p and settings from high to ultra so it is one of the best budget gaming CPU in this list.

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