Best AM3+ Motherboard For Gaming 2018

Most of the gamers community are going for the Intel Core processors and its compatible motherboards but they are ignoring the AMD side motherboards and its processors. Some choices like AMD FX 6300 and FX 8350 are best for gaming and you can also overclock them just like Intel Core i5 or i7 unlocked processors. But when it comes to the latest hardware the cheapest Ryzen 5 processor costs you about $200 which is surely not considered by any budget gamer.

Best AM3+ Motherboard

AMD AM3+ processors use AM3+ socket and there is a wide range of motherboards from different manufacturers for different budgets. If you are looking for basic motherboards with some basic ports and few SATA slots there are some motherboard from Gigabyte, ASRock, ASUS, and MSI listed below. So let’s start from MSI 970 gaming motherboard.

MSI 970 Am3+

MSI 970 Am3+

One of the best motherboard for these processors as it supports 32GB of memory and along with it this motherboard is unlocked for overlocking the RAMs and the Processor. It also features CrossfireX support through which you can install multiple AMD cards to it but it doesn’t have any SLI support. It also has Audio boost 2.0 feature and for networking, it has E2200 network card which gives you best experience while gaming without lags.

Reasons To Consider MSI 970 Am3+

This motherboard is targeted for the AMD FX-8 series processors like the FX 8150, FX 8320E and FX 8370E and others. It supports 32GB of memory which is enough to handle every latest game at max settings with 1080p resolution. In simple words, this board is for budget gamers who want to play games at max settings with single graphics card and AMD FX-8 series processor. So if you are building a gaming PC for $600 or more you can try this board.

For connecting HDDs and SDDs it has 6 SATA ports in total and they are located at the front of the board. So if you don’t have a wide case you have to bend then but if you are using a wide case for your build it doesn’t do any problem. For cooling, it has three fans headers and one 4-pin fan header at top of SATA ports. One more thing that if you are going to use CrossfireX with this board I will suggest you not to do this because AMD FX-8 series is not enough power to handle CrossfireX.

If you are on the budget you can go for this motherboard but by spending a few more dollars you can get a 970 chipset motherboard which can unlock your processors more and you can overclock them to get some additional frame per seconds in the game.

Gigabyte Am3+ GA-78LMT

Gigabyte Am3+ GA-78LMT

The Gigabyte GA-78LMT is a very simple motherboard for AM3+ processors and it unlocks a  little bit for the processor and the memory.  This board has total four RAM slots and supports 32GB of ram which is enough to max out every latest title released for PC. However, this feature is not available in its competitor LGA 1150 H81m-P33 and both of these boards cost you the same price. If you are on the budget and looking for a motherboard for $500 to $600 PC then this one is the perfect choice for you.

Reasons To Consider GA-78LMT

This motherboard is best for PC under $300 to $600 because you can equip it with AMD FX 6300 processor. This motherboard has total six SATA and up to four USB ports which support up to 5GB/s data transfer. The GA-78LMT motherboard has also an HDMI, DVI, and VGA port through which you can connect it to display monitors. Overall this motherboard is perfect for budget gamers but if you are not on the budget you can try some other choices.

This motherboard has PCIeX 16 slot and doesn’t support any SLI or CrossfireX support. Unlike the MSI 970, this motherboard has SATA ports at different locations through which you can hide cables under the casing and make your PC great-looking. This motherboard has all the basic design with all necessary slots and ports you need to build a PC.

Asus M5A97 AM3+

Asus M5A97 AM3+

This is the best motherboard of all because of its price and its features. Like others, it also supports memory up to 32GB and all four DIMMs are overclockable up to 2133MHz. The ASUS M5A97 is ready for CrossfireX support for four graphics cards. It has the 970 chipsets and is ready to overclock RAMs and Processor. Wi this motherboard you can overclock processors up to 4.2Ghz with a normal CPU cooler.

Reasons To Consider M5A97 AM3+

The ASUS M5A97 is ready for overclocking for processors like FX 6300, FX 8320 or FX 8350 but it can’t be done with stock heatsink so you have to go with the custom CPU cooler. You can even overclock these processors up to 4.5Ghz but for that, you might need a better cooling system like big heatsink or maybe a liquid cooler. And this motherboard is cheap so you can get a liquid cooler with it and it will give you best performance.

This motherboard has all USB SATA and other ports but the most confusing thing in this motherboard is that it doesn’t have any display out port like VGA, HDMI or any DP. This encourages you to buy a dedicated graphics card for this motherboard. But as this motherboard is itself cheap so we can do compromise with two or three missing things. For cooling, it has four fans headers from which one is for CPU and rest of are for chassis fans.

The best feature in the ASUS motherboards is that they have already UEFI BIOS utility through which you can easily configure this motherboard and can overclock processors easily. Overall this motherboard is best for FX 6-series or FX 8-series processors.

Gigabyte 990A-UD3

Gigabyte 990A-UD3

The Gigabyte 990A-UD3 is the first motherboard in this list which supports both CrossfireX and SLI. This motherboard also supports  FX 8320, FX 8350 and FX 8370 having chipset 990 of which I was talking previously. Equipping this board with RX 480 and FX 8370 can give you excellent performance at 1440p or at 2160p. You can overclock the CPU and Memory of this board and can get some extra boost in games.

Reasons To Consider 990A-UD3

This motherboard support FX 9-series processors and is good for gaming but as Ryzen processors are already launched in the market and if you are a hardware enthusiast you can consider them because of its limited possibilities of upgrades. This motherboard doesn’t have any power button switch button or any BIOS utility the thing we have to consider about it is that it is hard to find a 990 chipset board under $100.

With this motherboard, you are freely allowed to use two Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. And by overclocking them you can get some extra boost performance in games. By paying a few more dollars from above-mentioned motherboards you can get a 990 chipset motherboard with more USB ports and SATA slots.

Overall this motherboard is best for budget gamers as it is available under $100 and have high-end processors support. Along with this you can install multiple cards to it and it can easily handle them with out bottlenecking.

ASRock 990FX

Reasons To Consider ASRock 990FX

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