Build 500 Dollar Gaming PC 2018 Hardware Guide

There are a lot of PC hardware configurations that you can get in $500, but the matter of fact is that we have to find which PC can give us best frames per seconds respective of its price. If you are looking for a PC for your office work then you can choose any pre-built machine, and all of them may run Window 10 smoothly, but when it comes to gaming, we have to consider that hardware which can give us best frames per seconds. I’m here to guide you how to built gaming PC under $500 which provides you with best frames per seconds.

We have options from both Intel and AMD as both provide reliable performance in triple-A titles but only one can be the winner, and here I will guide you how to select one for you. Hope so this gaming PC under $500 can give you 50+ frames per second on latest games with resolution up to 1080p and on medium settings.

Built Gaming PC Under $500

It’s not just about building a pc, but we have to get that hardware which can provide you best experience without breaking your bank. We set our budget to $500 to build this PC, and here with my recommendations, you can easily do it. So let’s start with the motherboard.

Gigabyte B360M DS3H Gaming Mobo

Gigabyte B360M DS3H Gaming Mobo

The B360 supports 8th-Gen Intel Core series processors, and as we are considering the best board with our budget, so I have chosen the B360M board for our built. This board supports DDR4 Rams, and four slots are available through which we are only going to use only two slots so you can further upgrade the memory if you want. With this board, we are going to use Intel Pentium G5400 processor, so I think there is no need of overclocking this board as it works fine without overclocking.

This board has all the necessary ports and slots we need to install the components, and you can even install SSD drive with it. This board also supports sound and WiFi cards so you can install one if you want. You can make it great-looking by installing an RGB light around inside your case as this board have three fans and an RGB header too. This board has four temperature sensors which maintain fans speed according to the board temperature, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. You can even change fans speed through its built-in fans UI in BIOS.

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Intel Pentium G5400 Processor

Intel Pentium G5400 Processor

The latest entry in the 8th Generation processor series and when it equipped with GTX 1050 you can get more than 50 frames per seconds in the newest game while running on resolution up to 1080p. The performance of this CPU is 10% -20% better than the previous version of this series. The Intel Pentium G5400 is built on 14nm technology and works better than the comparable AMD CPU at same power consumption. And that is the reason why I chose Intel processor for this build instead of AMD.

The clock rate of this CPU is 3.6GHz featuring two cores and four threads just similar to the Intel Core i3. However, it has additional 1MB cache memory compared to the previous version of this processor. We can see much improvement in Coffee Lake processors as compared to the previous generation, and when this CPU is equipped with the GTX 1050Ti, it gives the best value for your money. Because of their price and their performance both of the products lies in entry-level and will not bottleneck each other.

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mini

Memory: 4GB Gddr5 | Interface: 128-bit | Core Clock: 1354MHz | Cuda Cores: 768 | Architecture: Pascal | SLI: No | DirectX: 12.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050

The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti when equipped with 8th Gen Intel Pentium 5400 processor gives you 50+ frames per seconds with resolution up to 1080p and on medium to high settings. Because of its price and its performance this card lies in entry-level and will not bottleneck our processor. Its 4GB VRAM is well enough to max out games at high resolution, and that is the thing we need from our budget gaming PC. I recommend you this card if you are on the budget and looking for the high-end card.

Here GTX 1050Ti also needs a 6-pin power connector to operate and have an aluminum heat sink with a fan attached to it. Its fan whirs silently and produces enough cooling even on heavy load. If you are going to play ESports games, then this card is best for you because you can get 60+ frames per second with a resolution up to 1080p and ultra settings. You can also try RX 570 4GB version if you want because it directly competes with this card.

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Viper Elite Series 4GB X2 DDR4

Memory: 4GB | Type: DDR4 | Pins: 288-Pins | Core Speed: 2400MHz | NON-ECC UDIMM
PC4-19200 | Color: Black and Red.

Viper Elite Series 4GB X2 DDR4

After selecting the CPU and GPU the very next step is to choose memory sticks for our gaming PC under $500. These 2400MHz rams provide you smooth gaming without any frames per second drop or lag. 8GB ram is enough to play games at medium settings with resolution up to 1080p but still if you want more upgrades you can install more 2x RAM sticks on your PC because B360 supports 4x RAMS. These rams had been build for the latest series of Intel processors.

You can even try Rams from some other manufacturers like Corsair, Kingston, or other Patriot models if you want. Here I’m recommended you that try to get ram 8GB to 16GB don’t go below this because latest triple-A titles are demanding at least 8GB of Ram.

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Western Digital 1TB HDD

Western Digital 1TB HDD

We always have to consider SSD for gaming PC, but here we are on the budget and find the less expensive items that’s why we are going to use 500GB Hard Disk Drive for our budget gaming PC. Under $500 and here I will recommend you to use Western Digital 1TB hard disk because it only costs you $44 and we all know WD is one of the leading brands in the storage drives. We don’t have any better option for storage because if we consider Solid State Drive you will only get a 120GB of the storge which is not enough to store large games files.

This 1TB drive is enough to store your OS, games, and software and this is a better choice for us for our gaming PC. You can even upgrade your storge if you want because the casing we are going to use supports more than one drive.

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EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W

EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W

For power purposes, I will recommend you this power supply because it has Japanese capacitors and is very reliable. Plus you will get a 3-year of limited warranty with this supply and a lifetime tech support from manufactures. This supply doesn’t produce much heat and works efficiently as most of our components are power efficient and doesn’t demand much power. The main thing is our graphics card, and this 500W supply is enough o fulfill our requirements.

If you will add some more components to this PC and decide to upgrade something you don’t have to worry about the power capacity of this supply as it supports them. And the last and significant thing is that if you order this supply in 2018, you will get a total five years of warranty from manufactures.

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Thermaltake Versa N26 Mid Tower Case

Thermaltake Versa N26 Mid Tower Case

The Thermaltake Versa N26 features a sleek and attractive design and supports an ATX motherboard and cooler installation. This case also features tempered glass at the left side, and on the right side, you can hide all unnecessary cables. Thermaltake Versa N26 features a tools-free bay drives installation. You can install up to three HDD in this case, and you can also install 2.5-inches SSD in it. This case has two fans at front and one fan at the rear side. This casing also supports a liquid cooler and endorses a full-size graphics card.

Thermaltake Versa N26 have buttons at the front top side and have some USB and Audio I/O ports. I recommend you this case if you are going on budget and want the sleek and beautiful design. If you like any other, you can try them. Some of the best case manufacturers are Thermaltake, Corsair, Cooler Master, etc.

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500 Dollar Gaming PC Summary

If you are just an Esport gamer, then this PC is perfect for you as of its price and performance in that price. At this time this PC costs you $520, and maybe the prices of its components are different in other countries or may increase or decrease with time. There are some upgrades options in this PC like its processor and RAM etc. so try to upgrade them if possible because upgrading these components can give you some extra frames per second.

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